November 27, 2017
The mixture is made by using all of the 5 spices in Panch Puron and to have equal quantities of them. These seeds are used whole and not blended. The magic happens when placed in hot oil, the seeds pop once in hot oil, (known as tempering), this infuses the oil, increases the flavour of the dish and the aroma is distinctive, exotic and mouth watering.Cumin is known to increase the glow to skin while improving digestion, Fenugreek improves the flow of breast milk for new mums, Nigella is known as a miracle cure for all types disorders, fennel seeds lower blood pressure and Mustard Seeds are an excellent source of B-Complex Vitamins.With all the benefits of these beautiful and magical spices, we should be using them more! Look out for my easy recipes that give you an opportunity to try it out for yourself!